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As a Surgeon

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At large, my job as a cardiothoracic consultant surgeon provides clinical diagnostic, treatment, and surgical  intervention to patient with medical condition involving the heart, lung and the chest cavity 

In most cardiac treatment, the main objective is to diagnose and restore blood flow to the heart via various treatment plans suitable for patient


Whereas, thoracic treatment often with the goal to prevent further aggravation of the disease stage. Often with early diagnosis and intervention have proven to save lifes.

What we are doing for the future of Cardiovascular and Thoracic treatment?
Lung Cancer Awareness - Wanita Hari Ini TV3   
New Technology for Lung Cancer Treatment - Bernama  
1. Destigmatizing The Problem

Driving awareness among the public on the benefit of early diagnosis and intervention for cardiac and lung-related diseases. 


2. National Screening Program

Aortic and lung-related diseases often misdiagnosed and overlooked in the current healthcare system. Patient with such diseases often benefits tremendously from early interventions.


3. Affordability

Economic affordability often dampens the effort of seeking immediate healthcare attention. Affordable healthcare without compromising the quality of care will be the way to go forward.

4. Better Outcome 

Adopting new technology and intervention will be crucial in the coming future. New innovation and methods provide a safer intervention for a better outcome.  

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